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2010 Durham Economic Prosperity Conference

Friday, November 5, 2010, Ajax, Ontario

The Durham Economic Prosperity Conference, held on November 5, 2010 at the Ajax Convention Centre, was a resounding success and brought together over 120 community, academia and industry leaders who all shared a common goal—moving Durham’s economy forward.

The Durham Economic Prosperity Committee is pleased to present the final report on the Durham Economic Prosperity Conference of 2010:


Addendums to Report:

Speaker Bios, Speaker Videos and Power Point Presentations are listed below.

The Durham Economic Prosperity Committee would like to express its sincere appreciation to everyone who attended the 2010 Durham Economic Prosperity Conference. Your contributions, input and ideas were essential to its success.

It is anticipated that the report will encourage dialogue among community leaders and lay the groundwork for future economic initiatives in Durham Region. The next Conference will be held in the fall 2012.



Dianne Buckner

The Emcee for 2010 DEPC

Dianne Buckner • CBC, Host of Dragons’ Den

“Thinking about Durham Region and the type of both challenges and opportunities that we’ve heard described here today, what would you (the panel) pick to put at the top of the agenda?”


Roger M. Anderson

Opening Remarks

Roger M. Anderson • Regional Chair & CEO, Regional Municipality Of Durham

“But the question remains what we can do in Durham to make investment in our community as attractive as possible. What unique and enticing brew of success-factors can we as Durham residents and businesses and politicians offer? And how to we best support our existing firms and to nurture new companies to move here to Durham Region.”

Video | Transcription | Bio

Dr. Ronald Bordessa

Dr. Ronald Bordessa • President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), Co-Chair, Durham Economic Prosperity Conference

Doctor Bordessa was in India and was unable to attend the Conference. Richard Marceau, Provost of the University of the Ontario Institute of Technology brought greetings from UOIT.


Don Lovisa

Don Lovisa • President, Durham College, Co-Chair, Durham Economic Prosperity Conference

“Durham College has been an integral part of this region since 1967, and continues to contribute to the economic prosperity in our communities in a number of ways...as we open our conference this morning, and as the day unfolds, I’m sure that we will collectively discover even more avenues to success as we move forward and into the future.”

Transcription | Bio

Jayson Myers

Keynote Speaker

Jayson Myers • President & CEO, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME)

“This is a time when supply chains are competing around the world and the success of any company is going to depend on the success of their customers, the success of their suppliers and primarily the success of the communities in which they are located.”

Video Part 1 Video Part 2 | PowerPoint | Transcription | Bio

Dr. Neil Alexander

Forum Speakers & Panelists

Dr. Neil Alexander • President, Organization of CANDU Industries (OCI)

“Electricity is produced and used instantaneously...probably the most frightening statistic I have come across recently, and that is that more than three quarters of Ontarians do not know where their electricity comes from. And yet, most of those people are involving themselves in discussions about where it should come from, so it is very much the blind leading the blind. More frighteningly, 50%, more than 50%, over half of Ontarians believe they know where their electricity comes from, and have got it wrong.”

Video | PowerPoint | Transcription | Bio

George Hanus

George Hanus • President & COO, Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance (GTMA)

“A new area for the GTMA, which will be of particular interest to Durham Region, will be in nuclear technology…We think that is an area that has been discussed already this morning. A tremendous future, tremendous potential, as long as certain decisions are taken at more senior levels of government.”

Video | Transcription | Bio

Dave Hare

Dave Hare • President, Petley-Hare Insurance, Chair, Durham Economic Prosperity Conference (DEPC) Committee

“The Prosperity Conference initially a joint effort between the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology, the Region of Durham Economic Development and the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce expanded in 2010 with the additional support of Durham College. This bi-annual event brought together community leaders from business, labour, government and academia to identify potential solutions for fueling growth and creating long term wealth for the region's municipalities.”

Video | PowerPoint | Transcription | Bio

Derek Holt

Derek Holt • Vice President Economics, Scotia Capital

“Great opportunity, once in a lifetime opportunity, to retool your operations given the particular impact of lower interest rates; an elevated level of the Canadian dollar, given that we tend to import over two thirds of our capital goods spending from the United States…We have the balance sheet strengths in Canada on the corporate balance sheet picture to support those, and we have tax incentives on top of it all that go throughout much of next year.”

Video part 1 Video part 2 | PowerPoint | Transcription | Bio

Garth Johns

Garth Johns • Regional Municipality of Durham, Commissioner of Human Resources

“We want to put Durham on the map by tapping into the resourcefulness and richness in our community. We want to demonstrate that Durham’s famous manufacturing muscle is matched by its creative capacity and collaborative character.”

Video | Transcription | Bio

Richard Marceau

Richard Marceau • Provost, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

“We live in transformative times. We are leaving an era where we had the luxury of prevalent technologies which evolved only very slowly over many decades at a time, and entering into an era where the technology cycle is not only rapid, it’s accelerating.”

Video | Transcription | Bio

Birgit Matthiesen

Birgit Matthiesen • Special Advisor to the President, US Government Relations, CEO, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Washington

“Americans make no distinction about their borders. The U.S./Canada border, we can talk about that special relationship until we’re blue in the face, it gets us nowhere. It doesn’t. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow, especially early this morning. We are not on their radar screen.”

Video part 1 Video part 2 | Transcription | Bio

John H. Tory

John H. Tory • Newstalk 1010

“This region has been, I think, the worst in the GTA in terms of actually acting like a region. And it’s shown…if you don’t act like a region and get together and say, “Look, we’re going to put forward the great assets this region has,” then you’ll be treated accordingly. And it’s easier to kind of dismiss Durham if it doesn’t act like a Region.”

Video | Transcription | Bio

John Wright

John Wright • Senior Vice President, Ipsos-Reid Corp.

“Positioning is not just about geography or brains or incentives or things like that. It also comes down to something else. It’s about public sentiment. I mean, if you want people to invest in Durham, if you want people to grow in Durham…Then you also want to talk about the people that are here. Not just about the geography, not just about tax breaks, you want to talk about how we feel.”

Video | PowerPoint | Transcription | Bio

2010 DEPC Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee was formed to provide leadership in the advocacy of the issues, plans and objectives resulting from the 2008 Conference, and to help create a coherent plan for the future. The 2010 DEPC Committee includes:

Chair: Dave Hare, Petley-Hare Insurance Brokers

Co-Chair: Dr. Ronald Bordessa, President, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

Co-Chair: Don Lovisa, President, Durham College

Lloyd Elliott, Durham Region Real Estate Board, ReMax First Realty, Whitby

Bob Malcolmson, Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, CEO & General Manager

Richard Marceau, UOIT, Provost

Paul Mikolich, Gerdau-Ameri Steel Corp., Marketing/Gov't Relations Manager

Cindy Mills, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., Sales Attachment Manager Central East

Bruce Smith, SNC Lavalin Nuclear, General Manager

Don Terry, OPG, Director, Nuclear Public Affairs

John Williams, John Williams, C.A, John Williams, CA (Past DEPC Chair)



The Durham Economic Prosperity Conference is dedicated to advancing the economic prosperity of Durham Region, develop solutions and uncover new opportunities for growth.

The Committee would like to thank all of our partners and sponsors for your generosity to help make this year’s Conference possible.


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