Durham Economic Prosperity Committee


To encourage the expression of ideas, to encourage teamwork and to impart a passion for Durham Region’s opportunities and the planning for its future.

To bring together organizations from every municipality in the region across all sectors, and from every walk of life, including business, labour, academia and government to discuss plans for Durham Region’s economic future.


The Committee may only consider issues, topics and ideas discussed at its bi-annual Conference.

The Committee must put forward issues, topics and ideas in a constructive, positive and non-partisan manner.

General Responsibilities


  • To help ensure Durham Region's continued economic prosperity.
  • To help create a coherent plan for the future.
  • To tap into the Region's very best minds.
  • To identify key problems and provide alternatives to solve them.
  • To facilitate new patterns of thinking and new ideas needed to move Durham Region forward.
  • To encourage the flexibility and responsiveness required in a world that changes ever faster so that Durham Region can prosper.


  • Host a bi-annual Conference that will serve as focal point for cooperation across the region, across sectors, and across the many boundaries and sometimes divergent interests which make up Durham Region
  • Disseminate the results of the Conference.
  • Provide leadership in the advocacy of the issues, plans and objectives resulting from the Conference.


  • The Conference co-chairs shall be responsible for the drafting of the Conference Report within three months of the completion of the bi-annual Conference.
  • The Conference Report shall be forwarded to the Advisory Committee for their comments and suggestions.
  • The Conference Report shall be issued to all Conference participants and all other parties deemed appropriate by the Committee.
  • On a bi-annual basis, the Committee will prepare a newsletter to all Conference participants on all developments at the federal, provincial, regional and local levels relating to issues, topics and ideas discussed at the bi-annual Conference.
  • The Committee may encourage the formation of and monitor the activities of committees established to further issues, topics and ideas discussed at the bi-annual Conference.
  • At its sole discretion, the Committee may disseminate the results of such committees to the Conference participants and any other parties deemed appropriate by the Committee.
  • The Committee shall be responsible for the recruitment of successor Conference co-chairs and Advisory Committee members who will be responsible for the next bi-annual Conference.

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